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Vertex Joins Inaugural Cloud for Utilities Summit as Founding Technology Partner

Vertex team will help shape the utility industry’s first conference exploring the impact of the cloud.

DC Water Upgrades the Customer Self-Service Experience with VertexOne

Improving the Customer Experience first and foremost

GNG Contact Call Centers Certified by J.D. Power

Call centers recognized for providing an outstanding live phone channel customer service experience.

VertexOne Partners with DC Water to Deliver on its Vision for the Future

Increasing complexity requires tier-one customer management technology and support.

Seasoned Utility CIS Expert Judy Reynolds Joins Vertex as Solution Architect

Judy Reynolds joins Vertex as solution architect. With extensive experience implementing and supporting CIS solutions for utilities across North America, Reynolds brings a sophisticated approach to addressing evolving regulatory and customer expectations.

Vertex Upgrades Lee County Utilities Customer Service to the Cloud

Shift to the cloud improves the utility’s customer experience and agility to respond to future needs.

Vertex to Provide Lee County Utilities with a Customer Service Platform for the Future

New technology will allow the utility to focus on the changing needs and expectations of its customers.

Cloud Technology: Shifting Opinions Inform Survey Results

James Riley, Chief Strategy Officer, Vertex

A recent industry survey revealed that utilities’ opinions about the cloud are changing—including the realization that cloud service providers have proven physical and cyber security capabilities, and that for more and more utilities, capitalization of cloud-based solutions is an acceptable accounting practice.

Storytelling for Customer Engagement, Education and Investment

Rebecca Stenholm, Director, Public & Government Affairs, EPCOR Water (USA)

EPCOR Water (USA) is responding to key changes in the customer-utility relationship: the diversity of communication tools and customers’ desires to tailor how and when they communicate with the utility.

Using Technology to Enhance Customer Service

Jane French, Director, Customer Operations, EPCOR Water US

EPCOR Water US provides water and wastewater services to more than 200,000 customers in Arizona and New Mexico. The utility has strategically aligned its technology for communication with customers to deliver or connect in their preferred format.

Strategies to Manage Changing Customer Expectations

James Riley, Chief Strategy Officer, Vertex

Knowing your customers is the first step in delivering a first-class customer experience. At a time when customers’ expectations of their utility are changing rapidly, how can utilities stay ahead of those expectations?

Streamlining for Optimum Customer Service

Dave Craven, Director, Customer Care, Union Gas

The complete review and overhaul of out-of-date practices before the installation of a new system was so universal that all departments were affected. The utility had a one-year window prior to the implementation to identify strengths and opportunities that would best serve their highly supportive customers.

Cloud-Based CIS: The Future of Customer Experience

The modern utility customer wants more from their provider today and they are demanding new – yet simple – ways to interact. That’s easier said than done, especially given budget limitations and development and implementation timing. Cloud technology to the rescue?

Keeping Up with the Amazons: How Data Analytics Can Improve Utility Customer Experience

A service outage hits. A high bill is delivered. Customers flood the call center with a deluge of questions and complaints. But what if each of those calls could actually yield valuable data? Through speech analytics technology utilities can turn customer calls into a treasure trove of usable data by tracking sentiment, word choice and overall satisfaction.

Utility Analytics Summit Series: Revenue Protection Analytics

Industry estimates suggest that North American utilities are losing anywhere from 1-4% of revenue to leakage in the meter-to-cash cycle. Such losses stem from unbilled consumption, unmetered accounts, theft and uncollectible revenue. While such losses have always existed, the effort required to identify and recover losses used to be prohibitive.

Vertex Announces Lodewyk Steyn as Vice President of Product Development

Utilities industry veteran will build ERP solution to extend VertexOne cloud-based customer experience platform to support back office operations.

SouthStar Energy Services Invests in Customer Experience with VertexOne™

Cloud-based platform will allow retail energy provider to implement an upgraded customer self-service portal, paperless billing and improved call resolution through speech analytics.

The City of Dayton Selects VertexOne™ for Utility Bill Print and Payment Services

VertexOne solution will support The City of Dayton’s 60,000-plus customer accounts with utility bill print and mail services and upgrades to its online customer portal.

Sharyland Utilities Selects the VertexOne™ Customer Experience Platform

Vertex’s cloud-based solution chosen for its scalable, robust and affordable features designed for the needs of midsize utilities.

Vertex Announces VertexOne™ Platform for Midsize Utilities Will Run on SAP® S/4HANA

Leading customer experience technology equips midsize utilities with simplicity, affordability.

Vertex Announces Andrew Jornod as Chief Executive Officer

Jornod recognized for propelling Vertex into the future with high customer satisfaction and the launch of its SaaS customer experience platform for utilities, VertexOne™.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Upgrades Customer Service Operations with VertexOne

Vertex announced today a successful migration of Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s customer service systems and processes, driving significant customer experience improvements through its VertexOne™ technology and Software as a Service (SaaS).

EPCOR Water USA Upgrades Customer Service Operations with Vertex Business Services

Vertex announced today a successful upgrade of EPCOR Water (USA) Inc.’s (EPCOR USA) customer service systems and processes, leveraging new VertexOne™ technology, to drive notable improvements in customer experience.

Vertex Renews and Expands Contract with Union Gas for Customer Experience Improvements

Vertex Business Services has renewed its contract with Union Gas for an additional 7 years to provide customer experience management services to its 1.4 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in more than 400 communities across Ontario, Canada.

David Bieber Appointed Chairman of Vertex Board of Directors

Vertex Business Services, a recognized leader in utility customer experience management, has appointed David Bieber as its new chairman of the board of directors.

Vertex launches VertexOne

Proven Process and Proven Platform for Utility Customer Management
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