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Respond to Changing Demands Faster with Scalable Cloud Technology

In order to deliver great customer experience in a fast-changing world, utilities need to be able to adapt to new business needs like never before. The good news: cloud technology offers businesses both agility and an easier way to stay up to date.

Cloud’s Operational Benefits Simplify your Business Functions

The introduction of cloud computing can transform the operational side of business. With hectic day-to-day company tasks, dedicating time for on-premise updates and maintenance is a hassle.

Support Your Customer Experience Strategy With Greater Insight

The impact of predictive analytics is consistently high customer satisfaction and loyalty, despite the highly competitive marketplace. Utility customers are also Netflix and Amazon customers and, as a result, they have come to expect increasing levels of exceptional customer service tailored to their unique needs.
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Research: CIS and the Cloud - Agility in the New Utility Era

Read the results of this Zpryme survey of 200 utilities regarding CIS readiness for changing customer and technology demands.

eBook: Why Migrating to the Cloud Makes Sense for Utilities

Learn 3 important reasons why the cloud presents a better way for utilities to improve customer experience.

Research: Priorities and Challenges in Customer Experience-Impact on the CIS

Key findings in a survey of electric, gas and water utilities of all sizes.
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