Focus on your customers. Not your technology.

Welcome to the future of utility customer experience.

Today’s utility customers live in a digital world. They want to connect with you as easily as they bank online or stream videos. VertexOne’s customer experience solutions make it possible for any utility to deliver the modern experience customers demand.

From a modern approach to Tier 1 CIS, ERP and EAM implementation and management, to modular, cloud-based solutions that enhance your current platform, VertexOne delivers the flexibility you need to keep your customers happy today, and in the future. And we provide reliable, expert support every step of the way, all at a predictable cost.

With VertexOne, you can easily interact with customers on their preferred channels, anticipate their needs, and empower them with new programs and initiatives. Our affordable, secure, SaaS solutions can be implemented quickly, allowing you to keep focused on your core business of serving customers.

Why VertexOne?

Whether you are looking to add modern utility billing solutions to your current platform or step-up to a Tier 1 Cloud CIS, VertexOne makes it simple to take your customer experience to the next level. What’s more, our guaranteed service levels and insight services ensure you get the most value from your investment.

Cloud CIS gives you the benefits of the latest CIS technology without the challenges of managing it yourself.

Cloud ERP provides the clear, real-time picture of your utility's business operations you need to optimize performance and reduce risks.

Cloud EAM helps you ensure your utility is compliant by providing accurate, auditable real-time data about your infrastructure.

Web and Mobile Self-Service for Utilities lets customers interact with you based on their preferences.

Predictive Analytics for Utilities provide insight you can use across the customer lifecycle to improve your customer relationships as well as your business results.

Speech Analytics for Utilities allows you to truly listen and respond to the voice of the customer and your agents so you can optimize customer experience. 

Leak Detection Analytics for Water Utilities helps conserve two valuable resources: water and customer happiness.

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