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Introducing VertexOne

The first cloud-based CIS and customer experience platform built specifically for utilities.

Now your utility can act like the big guys, on a small guys’ budget. VertexOne is the first cloud-based customer experience management platform that’s built for utilities of all sizes using proven technology. Whether you’re looking to replace an aging CIS, or upgrade the capabilities of your current CIS, VertexOne makes it easy and affordable.

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Watch our short film to see how VertexOne is helping utilities provide the ultimate in customer experience.
From cloud-based CIS and multichannel communications to state-of-the-art analytics, VertexOne has the solutions utilities need to deliver a superior customer experience.
VertexOne gives utilities many ways to improve customer service. Check out our latest press releases, success stories and white papers. Or check out one of our webinars and see which events we’ll be at.
We’re on a first-name basis with 30 million utility customers. See how our deep experience enabled us to create VertexOne, a platform like no other.